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cool cache COOL CACHE

One night, Tucker drives by her client's Beverly Hills chocolate shop and finds the door open, truffles strewn across the floor—and the body of cleaning woman Lupe Ortiz lying next to a bloody green feather.

Although Tucker has warned him not to, Eugene Barstok, her fragile secretary-cum-Dick Tracy wannabe, starts investigating. So when he fails to show up for work, she has to follow the kid's unorthodox train of thought and the trail of clues, including the fabled quetzal bird and a Mayan spouted chocolate pot. Tucker knows she must find Eugene before he comes face-to-face with a killer out for sweet revenge.

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"...Tucker's no-nonsense first-person narration keeps the pages turning."
   —Publishers Weekly

"Smiley integrates interesting factoids about the city of Los Angeles and background information about the mystery, which makes for a richer narrative. But it's Tucker who makes this series a go. You can't help liking her tenacity and dry wit—she's certainly one cool chick!"
   —Romantic Times, (4 Stars)

"So many things keep this mystery (and others in the series) from being banal, run-of-the-mill cozies; Smiley pulls in sub-plots about gang activity, stolen antiquities from Guatemala and...a role reversal, gender-wise, since Tucker is riding to the rescue of her intrepid male assistant. Woman to the Rescue!"
   —Laura Strathman Hulka,

"A nice alternative for patrons waiting for the next Janet Evanovich mystery."
   —Library Journal